Lawrence Asks:

What do you think is best house system and why?

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Meg Asks:

My oldest daughter has her Venus and Sun in the 12th house. I started reading on the Sun in the 12th house aspect and was terrified. One astrologer claims that a person with this placement has a bad or non-existant relationship with their father, due to separation, divorce or death of the father.What is your take on this placement?

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Thad Asks:

I’m confused about which house a planet should be interpreted in when the planet is only 1 or 2 degrees from the house cusp.

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Shannon Asks: 

What is the significance of two signs (Aquarius and Leo) being totally engulfed inside the houses—starting and stopping but never touching a cusp?

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Ann Asks:

What is the significance of an unaspected planet? Is this considered a rare phenomenon to have an unaspected planet in a natal chart?

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Daniele Asks:

I was wondering if you could explain to me how does it affect me that my 2nd, 5th, 7th and 11th houses are empty?

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Bohun Asks:

“I’m a Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant, Gemini Moon with three planets in the 11th house of friends. As a beginning student of astrology, this has me quite puzzled. My limited knowledge seems to imply that I should be outgoing with lots of friends, or at the very least that friendships should be very important in my life. In fact, although, I’m not shy, I’m introverted by choice and generally very private about myself and my life. I can count on both hands the number of friends I’ve had in life, and I’m in my 40’s. So the questions are: is there another way to interpret the 11th house? Any ideas on how a Libra Sun and Ascendant with 11th house stellium can be so private? I also have an 8th house Moon, and Neptune conjunct my Sun. Could any of these aspects/placements have this effect?”

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Gina Asks:

“I have Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto conjunct each other in the 10th house. I have been trying to determine how this will effect me since I am thirty-five and have no career to speak of, much less one in the public eye. Does the fact that the planets in my 10th are ‘outer planets’ make a difference? Mercury is conjunct my Midheaven in Virgo as well (but lives on the 9th house side).”

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Laura Asks:

“I’ve got Neptune at 13 Degrees Scorpio (retrograde) in the 9th House, almost exactly conjunct my 14 Degree Scorpio Midheaven. I’ve always been curious if this would indicate that others may not see me as I really am, or, since it is retrograde and progressing away from the Midheaven (albeit barely), will this change over the course of my life?”

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Stephast Asks:

“I find the MC and the IC very difficult to interpret, and I have not found a book that adequately helps me with this. Can you give me some help here?”

Tracey Asks:

“What is the significance of Saturn crossing the IC? I have heard this transit in a woman’s chart can often indicate moving to a new home, and even marriage.”

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Dee Asks:

“Where and what do I look at in the chart to see my soul’s purpose; or to be more exact, the career that would be best for me?”

Marion Asks:

“To work out my ideal career, I look at my Midheaven for career calling, 6th house for work habits, and 2nd house for earning. Am I doing this right, or is there more I could be doing?”

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Amy Asks:

“I know you are very much against the ‘astrological alphabet.’ I have actually found it to be useful in many ways. However, I do find that it has left me with one hang-up I am unable to shake, which is correctly separating a sign’s influence from a house’s influence. I know that the signs are the ‘how’ and the houses are the ‘where’ but for some reason when I try and interpret some placements, I cannot distinguish the difference. Here is my primary example. I have no planets in Scorpio whatsoever, yet I have five planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Pluto) in the 8th house. I find that I have many traits that I would classify under Scorpio-like traits. Can you tell me what the difference is here? How would you interpret these planets in the 8th house and how would that differ from the same planets in the sign of Scorpio?”

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