Peggy Asks:

My natal chart shows the Mean Node in the 9th house, and the True Node in the 8th house. Would you please explain this to me?

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Nancy Asks:

I'm currently trying to interpret antiscia and contra-antiscia points. Are these to be considered ‘mirror aspects,’ or more akin to conjunctions or oppositions, with the same moiety allowed for such aspects?

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Elise Asks:

My nodes fall within 2 degrees of a house cusp and I'm wondering if they should be interpreted in the next house as with a planet. Where it gets confusing to me is that the nodes are retrograde.

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Shannon Asks:

In my natal chart, the Nodes are retrograde. Ive read a lot of astrology books and none of them say anything about the nodes being direct or retrograde. Is this just not worth considering in reading a chart?

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Carol Asks:

“I understand the three eclipses that happened in July 2000 were to shift the universal focus from what has been Leo-Aquarius to Cancer-Capricorn for the year 2001. What does this change in focus mean? Does it affect those signs the most? Or it is the way it affects other signs?”

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Sharel Asks:

“On June 10, 1964, a solar eclipse took place at 19 degrees Gemini, which is a significant aspect in someone’s chart (Sun/Moon conjunct at 19 Gemini). On June 10, 2002, the eclipse will again take place at 19 degrees Gemini. What does an eclipse conjunct a natal eclipse mean? I know they are ‘triggers’ but how intense can this get?”

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Tami Asks:

“I have read that this past [lunar] eclipse is related to one in November 1984. However, I can’t find any explanation as to how.”

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Thomas Asks:

“How will the total lunar eclipse affect us? What is the difference between a total and partial eclipse astrologically? We do not see them very often—does this have a special effect?”

Zodi Asks:

“What is the best way to ‘use’ a lunar eclipse in a solar return chart (and how rare is this occurrence)? The Moon is also the most aspected planet in the chart.”

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Michelle Asks:

“I was wondering about the effects of an eclipse. I understand that a Solar Eclipse will effect you for 1 year and a lunar eclipse up to 6 months. What happens if the eclipse occurs conjunct one of your natal planets? I have the solar eclipse coming up conjunct my Venus in the 7th house. I’m confused about how these energies play out. What about a lunar eclipse opposite Pluto? Is this a sure sign of trouble to come?”

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  • Could u comment on this solar eclipse conjunct natal SUN in the 7th ON my birthday? Also opposes natal Saturn in the 1st and squares mid heaven, sextiles Mars/Neptune conjunction (Scorp) in the 8th..... Thank u for your wisdom!
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Annette Asks:

“What does it mean if you are born during a Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse? Does this denote special meaning, etc?”

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Lynn Asks:

“If the Moon’s Nodes are calculated points in a chart, how can they be retrograde, and what does it mean when they are?”

Ingrid Asks:

“Could you please explain to me the meaning in my chart when it says I have my Mean Node in the 7th House in Libra (1°31) and my True Node in the 8th house in Libra (3°16)? What is the difference between the Mean and True Node in my chart? Is the True Node the North Node?”

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Ulyana Asks:

“You said that the South Node represents the lessons we learned in our past lives that we brought into this life to work with. You also said that Saturn represents the lessons we didn’t learn and are here to learn. How could a South Node and Saturn conjunction be interpreted? It seems like a contradiction, especially when they are in the same sign.”

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