Shirley Asks:

“Is there an indication in the astrological chart for a gambling addiction predisposition?”

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  • I have had three big lottery wins in the past, and I know the dates. Is it possible to determine my next big win using astrology?
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Guilherme Asks:

“I’ve been studying some beautiful people’s charts and I noticed that all of them have some aspects between the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. One example is Tom Cruise, who has a perfect trine between the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune. In your opinion, what are the aspects that make someone beautiful? What about intelligent?

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Jennifer Asks:

“I’m a Virgo, and I haven’t done too much research, but I was looking for something to hopefully explain why I get jealous and upset easily. Those are traits I’m not proud of, and was wondering if my astrological sign might help explain everything. Are there any signs that can cope better with my jealous streak and moodiness?”

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Marianne Asks:
“Please tell me some of the ways the natal chart can show dishonesty in a person. I have read/heard that more than one inner planet in Gemini is a good indicator. Also, I have learned that those with Uranus in the 12th house show a propensity for ‘secret’ relationships, and am interpreting that as a cheating on one’s mate sort of thing (certainly dishonest!).”

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Scott Asks:

“I have studied Astrology off and on for a number of years. I took a basic astrology course where I live. I am curious, can your natal chart indicate being gay? I have heard that Neptune in the 5th House is a slight indication.”

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