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Sue Asks:

I have learned that my son has Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th and Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st. Everything else I have read about these placements is quite alarming. However, he also has Venus, Mars and Mercury in the 5th house, which is supposed to be quite favorable. I would appreciate any comments you have regarding these aspects.

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Pauline Asks:

Can you comment on how the Ascendant influences the personality vs. the house position of the Sun? The reason I ask is that my chart has been rectified several times, and I am still not sure I know my Ascendant.

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Larraine Asks:

“I have twin boys born 15 minutes apart. There is a profound difference between them—why?”

Patrick Asks:

“A question from the confused. I am a twin…I was born at 14:00 hours…and my sister was born at 13:50 hours. She is very different. Birth chart [interpretations] seem to be so generally tailored that it has not been meaningful to us both.”

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Patsy Asks:

“I was just checking your site, and you say that each chart is unique. I have twin girls born 8 minutes apart, and I can find no differences in their charts, although both have had difficulties in their lives. The younger twin has a mild learning disability, and the elder twin has had to deal with major life crisis events although she hasn’t got a learning disability.”

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Kimberly Asks:

Just wanted to know if your horoscope differs if you were born a month early (due during Pisces, born during Aquarius) and whether being a multiple birth baby might influence anything, or is it strictly about birth time and date?

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Cindy Asks:

“I seem to be having trouble with understanding childhood and the free will aspect of astrology. For example, [in your book, Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart] you quoted ‘If our life is ‘harsh’ it is something we created ourselves.”[sic] I understand and believe that we have free will to change the way we feel about difficult experiences in our life, but what about when we are children? My mother was repeatedly sexually abused by her father as a child. How could she possibly have created this herself or have any choice how she feels? The only thing she could feel as a child would be fear. It seems there would be circumstances in our life that we have no control over. It also seems that she would have ‘harsh’ planets or aspects in her chart. If this is the case wouldn’t it make sense to have some fear regarding these planets and aspects?”

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Jane Asks:

“I have studied my natal chart for years, and it is extremely accurate in all areas of my life, character, etc. A few years ago, I discovered that I was not born at the time or date listed on my birth certificate, but rather 5 days earlier. My moon sign (for one thing) would be different, and that was one of the most accurate things about my original chart! What does this mean? By the way, the discrepancy was because of adoption.”

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Nicholas Asks:

“In looking at various charts and then reading interpretations in various books, I have found that some charts have two planets in one house that appear to have quite opposite effects. An example of this would be having the Moon and Uranus in the 4th house, or having both Venus and Mars in the 7th. How does one interpret these kinds of interactions between seemingly different planets? If the Moon in the 4th means ‘strong family ties,’ then how does the independence of Uranus factor into the equation?”

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Jerome Asks:

“Besides your birth date, don’t you really have to have the birth dates of your parents? Don’t they have anything to do with who a person is?”

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Daniela Asks:

“[What is the] relationship between the personality of an astrologer and the type of charts coming his/her way? It seems to be almost a rule that charts come in batches linked together by prominent themes (major aspects/signs, etc.)…More importantly, they often reflect the current issues of my own development. I’m aware that I may have the tendency to project my own problems to the charts.”

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Denetta Asks:

“I have spent a lot of money and time with having a couple of different people do my astrological profile. Unfortunately, what I got back is not only off, they are almost 99% wrong! Having only a couple lines out of a five page, $55 profile be anywhere near correct is very discouraging. The first time I had it done I thought it was the person doing it, the second time I almost gave up, and the third one (luckily it was free!) is also way off and very incorrect. How could I be so off from three different profiles done by three different people saying three different things entirely? Is it because I was born at midnight?”

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