C.C. Asks:

“My query concerns a ‘via combust’ moon and its significance in the natal chart. The only information I’ve come across, concerns Horary interpretations in which this condition would render a chart invalid or not fit to judge. However, I don’t think that refers to a Natal chart. I know a couple of people with this ‘condition’ in their charts and have perceived similar emotional qualities between the two.”

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BKL Asks:

“What would one interpret with regard to being born under a void-of-course moon? Would it take more than this to indicate that one does not have a specific course in life? Or is it interpreted differently in the natal chart than it is in the Horary? I’ve read that individuals including JFK, Jr., and Winston Churchill have a Void-of-course Moon. Rob Hand recently wrote an article with regard to a natal VOC moon in ‘The Mountain Astrologer’ that was less than encouraging. I’d like to get your thoughts and/or philosophy with regards to this.”

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Patty Asks:

“In your Ask Kevin article about accidental dignity you state that planets on the Midheaven and other angles are accidentally dignified and are in a position to be easily noticed. At the same time, you say that planets in the 3rd and 6th house have a hard time getting noticed. Do the planets have to be in the angular houses to be accidentally dignified if they are conjunct the angles? And what is your view of the ancient whole sign house thing?”

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Al Asks:

“Several articles I read on astrology tell us to find the focal point in our charts, the most powerful planet, so that the transit effects can be better interpreted. My question is about specifying this point of concentration when there seems to be more than one powerful planet in the chart, which is probably the case for most people. I am confused about my own birth chart, which has two stelliums: which one of these powerful concentrations should I focus on?”

Charles Asks:

“Wondering about planet/aspect power when interpreting a chart. I would like to know how to figure out which planet, sign, aspect, etc., is the most influential. I have some general ideas, but I don’t want to go on a wild goose chase. Any help would be appreciated.”

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Teri Asks:

“While a lot has been written on Sun-Venus conjunctions, not much is available on the effects of a combust Venus on the natal chart. There is also a varying cut-off point for this aspect, depending on the authors.”

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Lisa Asks:

“The thing I’ve always been interested in is that my chart has the two “greater benefics” Venus and Jupiter, both in fall (Virgo, Capricorn) However, Venus is “accidentally dignified” in the 2nd House, and Jupiter seems to be in a great place in the 5th. what does two greater benefics both in fall mean, if they’re in Houses that help them out?”

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Robert Asks:

“What constitutes an “affliction” to a planet? Published interpretations of planets in signs often provide both a positive and negative interpretation. The text might read, “If well aspected, ...” and, “If afflicted, ...” Sometimes “adversely aspected” is used. I’m fairly certain the author has already considered the essential dignity of the planet in the sign. Given the modern spin on interpretation, no aspect is considered an “affliction,” or so it seems. Would the author likely be referring to squares, oppositions, and/or quincunx aspects from higher order, or slower moving planets? This seems like a silly question, but can you provide an example of an affliction to a planet by aspect, placement, etc? Can a planet be considered afflicted if it is “combust,” that is, conjunct within a small orb to the Sun, or by placement, such as, in the third or sixth house? Could a planet be considered “afflicted” by a square, opposition, or quincunx aspect, within a small orb, from a higher order planet?”

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Nara Asks:

“When I did my dispositor tree diagram, I was unsure I had done it right because my Sun [in Leo] was totally apart from the rest and not connected to anything. If I did it correctly, what does it mean?”

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Stephanie Asks:

“What are the ‘rules’ to be used when constructing a dispositor tree? Example: Excluding planets that don’t have anything to do with the problem: Sun in Pisces rules Saturn in Leo which rules Mars in Aquarius which rules Venus in Aries which rules Jupiter in Taurus. The problem is that Jupiter in Taurus rules the Sun in Pisces. Do I need to turn the tree upside down, or what? Or does it make a circle of some kind?”

Lisa Asks:

“I recently purchased your book Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart, which I have found extremely helpful—it more than fills the huge gaps left by astrological ‘cookbooks.’ I have been pondering over dispositor trees in relation to a friend’s chart. Can you point me in the right direction? As there are no planets in rulership or mutual reception—where does the tree start and end?”

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  • Dear Mr Burk Depositor Trees I have just bought your book 'Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart' and appreciate your unique approach to the subject. I am in-tree-gued by depositor trees (please forgive the pun - Merc & Venus in Gemini!). I have Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in their ow...
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  • Kevin, does the result of the dispositor tree have more emphasis information/influence pertaining to the natal chart (generally speaking), or does the planet that rules the ascendant have more information/emphasis? For example, if Mercury rules the ascendant, but there is a sole dispositor (Mars), ...
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Ricky Asks:

“I know that Venus is the final dispositor of my entire Birth Chart. What does that mean? Does it take rulership of my chart from the normal ruler of the Moon? I’m confused.”

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Michelle Asks:

“Aries starts in the middle of my 11th House and ends in my 12th house. Libra starts in the middle of my 5th house and ends in the 6th, and Taurus is entirely contained in my 12th house. Does Mars rule just my 12th house, or does it rule both my 11th and 12th houses? And does Venus rule just my 6th, or does it rule my 5th, 6th, and 12th?”

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Patty Asks:

“I have some questions about Aquarius. Being a fixed sign, it is resistant to change, but it is described as being changeable and unpredictable. Can you reconcile this apparent contradiction for me? Also, Aquarians have their Sun in Detriment, and so their Sun is not able to function in the way that they want to, and generally the situation comes as a result of something that the individual did. Do Aquarians have weak Suns? Would you look to another planet for strength in the chart?”

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