Jennifer Asks:

“My Saturn in Aquarius is square my Venus in Scorpio. Now I understand squares are ‘challenges’ or ‘limitations’ and Saturn is the test of responsibility, but what is the way out? Is there a way to overcome the difficulty or is it set in stone? If you have that square does it mean you are doomed? I also have some pretty major oppositions such as Uranus and Pluto opposite my Jupiter in the 10th house. Does that mean my luck there is messed up? Sounds like it to me. Then my Moon opposes my Sun!”

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Joyce Asks:

“In my natal chart I have a T-Square between my Neptune and Jupiter in Libra (1st House), Sun and Venus in Capricorn (4th House) and Mars and Saturn in Cancer (10th House). Although I am very aware of the “heaviness” of the energy in my natal chart, please talk about T-Squares, working with the energy in as positive of a way as possible, and about the reactivation of the T-Squares by transiting planets.”

Courtney Asks:

“I’ve been studying astrology amateurely [sic] for a couple of years now. One thing that I see in my birth chart that I haven’t seen on anyone else’s is the amount of squares. My question is how do I deal with so many squares, and what exactly is the significance of having so many?”

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Zoya Asks:

“Sun square Saturn in a natal chart: is it as harsh an aspect as I’ve read? I’ve read that it could imply harshness throughout life and even possible harm to the person’s first born child? Also, Different house systems show different thing on the fifth house cusp of my chart (either Sagittarius or Capricorn). I want to know which one is correct because I’ve read some harsh things about Capricorn on the 5th house cusp, such as it implies harshness in dealing with children, restriction in creativity, etc.

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