Stephanie Asks:

“What is the significance, if any, of ‘partial’ aspect patterns in a natal chart? For example, a kite with a missing sextile. I understand that any planet transiting the missing point during the person’s lifetime will trigger the reaction of the aspect pattern, but does that pattern have any significance in and of itself? Also, is there any special significance to multiple aspect patterns in a chart, specifically, ones in which the planets involved in the respective patterns are not interrelated? (i.e., Venus, Neptune, Moon Trine and Uranus, Mars, Saturn T-Square). Does that indicate some kind of split in the person’s ‘sides’ as a split dispositor tree would?”

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Michelle Asks:

“What is the significance of parallels in the natal chart? I have read that this aspect can be just as strong as and sometimes stronger than the conjunction. I am a very insightful and intuitive person and have always thought that was due to my Scorpio moon conjunct my vertex, but I noticed I also have my Leo Sun and Leo Mercury both parallel my Libra Pluto. How could that be perceived in my natal chart? Any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated.”

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Marian Asks:

Transiting Uranus is sextiling my natal Jupiter. I was thinking about how to interpret that and its effect, and thought I would look at the last time that configuration was in my chart. Other than natally, that aspect has never occurred. But, my natal Jupiter progressed to sextile my natal Uranus when I was young. Except for the duration of the aspect, would you interpret those aspects similarly?”

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  • Can you pay attention to sextiles if you have planets that would be unaspected if you ignore them? My only aspect I have to Venus is a Sextile to Mercury, and I have been told that my Venus conjunct MC does not count as an aspect, as the MC is an angle, not a planet.
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Meredith Asks:

“My daughter has an unaspected Venus in Scorpio in the third house and I was wondering how to interpret this. It is very hard to find any information on unaspected planets as I realize they don’t seem to occur very often.”

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Michael Asks:

“In many charts, I have found the following: a square, a quincunx and a trine/sextile that form a triangle [and that all share a planet in common]. To me it seems as if the planet which is part of both the square and the quincunx is rather important…however, I have not found any information on this yet, nor do I know if it has a name.”

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Myah Asks:

“I recently discovered your website and wish to thank you for the tremendous insight. My question relates to the quincunx, which I admit perplexes me. The quincunx requires adjustment, but what does this mean? Since you did such a wonderful job simplifying the method of integration for the squares, I wonder if you might help me out with the quincunx. Exactly how should the planets adjust to each other? I have a Uranus/Venus conjunction that is quincunx my moon.”

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Stephanie Asks:

“Do uncomfortable planets and aspects constantly search for an outlet aspect? For example, can a Jupiter-Moon partile Conjunction in Capricorn find relief in being trine the Midheaven? In my mind, it would seem that the one-way relationship between the two points would act as a release valve for the otherwise restricted emotions and optimism of the conjunction. Or does the entire ‘package’ (Jupiter/Moon/Capricorn) become part of the outward expression of the Midheaven?”

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Ana Asks:

“Hi! I was wondering is it possible for a person with only couple of squares or with no squares at all in the chart to have great goals in life and be motivated in some other way? For example, if a person has a lot of conjunctions and sextiles and no relevant squares at all, does this always mean that a person is lazy?”

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Tracey Asks:

“I have discovered through my readings and research that the Moon Square Saturn and Mars often denies one the opportunity to have a child. In your experience have you found this to be true? Would you clarify the meaning of the Moon in a stressful aspect with Saturn and Mars?”

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Jeannine Asks:

“I recently read that Mars square to Pluto can be a very intense and even violent combination. I have Mars square Pluto, with Mars in Scorpio in the 7th House and Pluto in Leo in the 5th house. Any suggestions on how to handle this energy in a constructive way?”

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Nilufer Asks:

I would like to know how we can solve the tension created by and 90 degrees angle between two planets whether it is observed at the natal chart or transits. I have my mercury squared by moon with no other soft supporting aspects from other planets and I have lived serious problems because of that all my life. My logic sometimes works against my feelings, either my logic or my feelings are dissatisfied and I do not know how to handle it. Do we have to find somewhere in between or should we use another approach to solve the problem?

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