Sachin Asks:

How much orb should be used for aspects? I use an orb of 5 degrees for both applying and separating aspects. Is this fine, or shall I use wider orbs?

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Cyndee Asks:

What would an incomplete Kite indicate? I can't seem to find any information on it, or even if it means anything.

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Max Asks:

I have the Sun at 27°59 Taurus and the Moon at 5°52 Scorpio. Should I assume that I have Sun opposite Moon because Taurus and Scorpio are opposing signs? When I look up aspects in my chart, it never lists Sun opposite Moon, even though I think I have the qualities of that aspect.

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Angela Writes:

I am puzzled by how double barreled aspects work. For example a Sagittarius Moon/Pluto conjunction (7th house) opposing a Gemini Mars/ Venus conjunction(1st house). There are so many energies here, that I am at a complete loss.

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Rose Asks:

Can you say something about how to interpret a planet with no major aspects? Would an aspect to an angle still be considered major in this case?


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Aspect patterns are configurations of three or more planets that each aspect each other or are connected by a common aspect. The Grand Trine, T-Square, Yod, and Stellium are all examples of aspect patterns, and along with several others, will be discussed in detail shortly. The key to an aspect pattern, in fact, what makes an aspect pattern an aspect pattern is that the planets involved are so closely linked to each other that whenever one of the planets is triggered by transit, progression or direction, all of the other planets in the configuration are also activated at the same time. Planets in aspect patterns function as units, always working together.

Interpreting, understanding and working with aspect patterns is very complicated. Simply understanding how a single aspect between two planets may manifest is challenging enough: with aspect patterns, anywhere from three to six or more planets must be synthesized. The general level of confusion about aspect patterns is increased because aspect patterns are usually pretty easy to spot in a chart, and because they seem to be so important. It's impressive to be able to tell someone "you've got a Grand Cross in your chart" and if that individual actually does have a Grand Cross, it is certainly a very important factor to consider, but when it comes time to explain exactly what that means many astrologers, particularly newer astrologers, come up short.

Before we look at what each of the aspect patterns signifies and how to interpret them, we first have to set some guidelines as to what makes an aspect pattern and what doesn't.

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Recent comments

  • Hi. I have Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and the nodes between 2 degrees and 4 degrees in various signs. This means when I look at my chart I see lots of tight aspect patterns (nodes not in the patterns but as they are similar degrees, i thought id include in this post). Can ...
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Jennifer Asks:

Based on what you have said about out of sign aspects, Im a little unclear as to whether my Mercury at 27 Capricorn would really be conjunct my Venus at 01 Aquarius.

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A discussion about Aspect Patterns and why for the most part they can (and should) be ignored.

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Maureen Asks:

Can you tell me anything about how a quincunx works compared to a square or opposition?

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Laura Asks:

“What significance does the pattern of one’s astrological chart convey? Mine forms a ‘bucket’ pattern.”

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Eleanor Asks:

“I would be interested in any information you would like to share on Yods. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on them. I have a Yod with the apex Saturn in Aries, and the other two planets, Venus in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio...I’m also trying to understand the significance of Saturn in Aries...of course my Saturn return is coming...for whatever reasons, I’m having a really difficult time with this.”

Wendy Asks:

I have what I believe to be a “true Yod” in my natal chart. Neptune is making a sextile to Uranus and both quincunx my Saturn in Aries. I have read in your book, Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Classical Interpretation that because Saturn is the fastest moving planet I have the “real deal” going on here! But because there is so little information available about this so-called mystical aspect I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what it all means! Can you help?”

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Recent comments

  • Dear Kevin, I have (I think) a true yod: Its apex is my natal Capricorn moon (at 18 degrees 14 Capricorn). My native Saturn in Gemini (20 degrees 24) is sextile my retrograde natal Jupiter in Leo (17 degrees 59). Transiting Jupiter is now very close to my natal Jupiter, and Pluto has gone retrogr...
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Betsy Asks:

“I have three planets in Libra in the first house: Sun, Moon, and Neptune, plus Saturn in Libra in the Second House, and a Libra ascendant. What is the significance of this absolute abundance of Libra? And how do you interpret the meaning of a Stellium?”

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