Blaze Asks:

“Can you please explain to me what a Solar Chart is and how one goes about casting one? I have read that comparing the solar and natal charts is useful for analyzing the difference between the real and perceived self. What are your thoughts on this?”

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Kim Writes:

“I just had my chart done by a professional astrologer. She said that because I was born more than 700 miles from where I live that she would configure the chart based on where I live now. I’ve been studying astrology for years and never heard of changing the birth place. Can you please comment on this?”

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  • This is fascinating... have never heard of this, but it seems to fit for me. Natally, my 4th house Scorpio Sun is conjunct the IC, and my 12th house Leo Moon conjunct my Leo Ascendant. I was born in Oakland, Calif, but we moved away when I was 8 mos old (never to return except for brief vacations...
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Anne Asks:

“Thank you for all the work that goes into your web site. I have a question about relocation charts. My natal chart for London is a Scorpio ascendant. My chart relocated for Los Angeles is a Leo ascendant. I've lived in L.A. for 14 years and still very much relate to my natal chart. I've never been sure whether I should be looking at the opportunities presented by my relocated chart. One thing I've noticed is that because the weather is hotter in California than in England I have a greater sense of fun, and am somewhat ‘sunnier’ (Leo) than my deep Scorpio rising would indicate. Also my natal chart has a Virgo MC, but over here a Taurus MC. I can fit my life into both these. What do you think?”

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  • I've moved over 20 times in my life, from south to north, east to west, I've lived with tribal peoples of various cultures, in locations that didn't speak English, in cities and rural remote zones and have travelled on different continents. People still viewed me as the same person, I didn't become ...
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