Amy Asks:

“I have just started to learn about astrology…the book that I am using to learn [chart calculations] is a little confusing when it comes to the Midheaven and Ascendant. As I was born in the Southern Hemisphere, the books suggest that I look up the relevant chart, find the positioning and reverse the sign. In preparation of this, I calculated a chart on the net. When I look up the table and see the details of my Ascendant, they match the details on the computer chart; however, when I reverse them as directed by the book, they do not match. Am I supposed to reverse the signs or not?”

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Robert Asks:

“Having read your answer to the question of time zones in natal charts, I have another question. Bearing in mind that the Ascendant is a very important chart point, and that the signs on the house cusps are changed, in general, thereby changing the Ascendant sign, and other house cusp signs as well, depending on whether CDT or LMT is used in a chart with birth date of 6/23/80. Why would I not use CDT? Because the native was born in Alabama, very near the dividing line between Eastern and Central Time Zones. Therefore, it seems logical that the rising sign would be different for a person born at the same hour but in a drastically different longitude. I don’t know if LMT is the proper alternative, but I have adapted it for now.”

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Phyllis Asks:

“I purchased the program called Solar Fire. When I enter information for a new chart, I enter the location of the birth. Sometimes it gives a message that it can’t find the time zone for that location. I go into the ‘zones’ and there are numerous choices. How do I know which one to choose? How does Daylight Savings Time impact the choice. Some states don’t observe it, and I don’t know which ones. It started around WWI. It has been and then hasn’t been. Is there any magic way to tell which zone I should choose based on the date of the person being charted? Please help me.”

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Kerrie Asks:

“I started working on constructing natal charts in the past month, and I am uncertain as to which book I bought is right as they clearly list two different moon signs for the same birth date – one book lists the Moon sign as Aquarius and the other as Capricorn. How do you find out what time the moon entered the new sign?”

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Alan Asks:

“I’ve been trying to calculate my Part of Marriage, just for fun. My geometry is a little rusty and I’m a little confused by the math. I have watched your visual demonstrations a couple of times, but I still don’t quite get it. Obviously there are 360 degrees in a circle, so each house should be approximately 30 degrees. However, the houses are not evenly distributed in my chart. Also, how do you add signs, degrees and minutes? Are there 60 minutes in one degree? What is the easiest and most accurate way to start with the 7th house cusp and count around to Venus? How then do you add this number of degrees and minutes to the Ascendant to obtain the Part of Marriage? My Ascendant is 10°47 Sagittarius, my Descendant is 14°23 Gemini, and my Venus is 3°15 Scorpio.”

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Tara Asks:

“My question concerns the Part of Marriage and how to interpret aspects it makes to another’s chart within synastry. My reason for asking is there are numerous aspects involving the Part of Marriage between myself and a ‘potential’ romantic possibility. My Part of Marriage tightly conjuncts his Ascendant and Uranus and squares his Sun exactly, while his Part of Marriage conjuncts my Saturn, opposes my Neptune, and Trines my Moon and Venus tightly as well…I’m curious as to how much weight is generally applied to the Part of Marriage in Synastry.”

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Celeste Asks:

“What is the part of marriage and exactly how do I figure mine out?”

Kevin Answers:

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Margaret Asks:

“Is the Part of Fortune calculated differently for A.M. versus P.M. births? I can’t seem to get a handle on that…”

Caroline Asks:

“What would be the meaning if someone’s Part of Fortune was exactly on your Ascendant?”

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  • Hi I'm curious, I've had my POF placed in two different places. One by Astro and the other by an astrologer that uses a different program. My chart is nocturnal. 2nd house sun and my moon in the 7th. Are you able to help me figure out which is accurate? Why they both have different answers? Tha...
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  • I'd like to know more about the part of spirit. How is it calculated? What all can it tell us? How do i learn more?
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Roger Asks:

“My question is: I don’t really know how to interpret midpoints. I have a sun/moon conjunct Venus midpoint and a Venus/Mars conjunct sun midpoint. Both are within 1.5° orb. Besides Venus/Mars and Sun/Moon are in semisquare (both within 0.5° orb). I don’t really know how to notice the midpoints. I hope you can help me.”

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Maia Asks:

“I was trying to find some information on the Aries Point, and 0 degrees of the other signs.”

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Dimitris Asks:

“Would you consider Chiron opposite the Uranus/Pluto midpoint, square Jupiter a cardinal T-Square? Could you give me a clue on the philosophy/theory concerning midpoints?”

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Heather Asks:

“What kind of information can you gain from a converse chart? I have looked at progressed charts and found them helpful, but what does the converse do? How do you use it?”

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