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The Dignity, Debility & The Board of Directors class consists of four weekly class sessions of approximately 75–90 minutes each. When you register, you will receive access to all four weeks of the class recordings. The experience of the recordings is almost identical to the experience of attenting a live class: all of the links are active, and you will be able to download all of the resources and handouts directly from the recordings. And if you have questions on the class material, you will be able to post them on the class page, and I'll respond to them.

The tuition for this course is only $79 U.S. 

$79.00 each Dignity, Debility and the Board of Directors

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dignity, Debility & The Board of Directors Class

What happens when I register?

When you register, you'll receive a series of confirmation eMails from me with instructions on how (and when) to access the classes. If you’re new to The Real Astrology Academy, you’ll receive an eMail from Adobe Connect containing your username and password. You’ll use these to access both the live classes and the class recordings. If you’re a current student, your current Adobe Connect username and password will be updated to include this class. Approximately 30 minutes after each live class has completed, you will receive an eMail with a link to access the recording of that class. If you register after July 5, 2014, you'll automatically receive a series of eMails with the recording links. 

What are the technical requirements to access the classes?

All of the classes at The Real Astrology Academy are conducted through virtual classrooms in Adobe Connect. You will need a broadband internet connection, and a computer, tablet, or browser equipped with the latest version of Adobe Flash. It's possible to attend the LIVE CLASSES ONLY on an Apple iPad, you will need to visit the App Store and download the Adobe Connect for Mobile free app. Please note that you can NOT view the class recordings on an iPad. 

What are the Essential Dignities and the Board of Directors?

The Essential Dignities are the heart and soul of classical astrology, and they provide a wealth of detailed, specific, practical information about the chart. Unfortunately, most of that information is two-dimensional. The traditional approach to Essential Dignities evaluates how “strong” or “weak” a planet is, and in certain types of predictive astrology, these concepts have specific, practical value. In the context of a natal chart, however, they seem negative and limiting.

The Online Natal Astrology Class teaches you how to work with the Essential Dignities in the context of a three-dimensional natal chart interpretation. Instead of looking at the condition of the planet itself, you consider the planets that have Essential Dignity and make up the “Board of Directors” for that planet. The members of the Board of Directors show you what motivates the top-level planet. The planets on the Board of Directors are the actual planets in the chart you’re interpreting, which means that each planet-sign combination is, in fact, unique.

Without this tool, every time you encounter the Moon in Libra, you would come up with the same basic interpretation. But with this tool, the differences between Sylvester Stallone’s Moon at 22 Libra, Nicholas Cage’s Moon at 26 Libra, and Sting’s Moon at 19 Libra become obvious. 



What is Three-Dimensional Chart Interpretation?

One of the biggest challenges of natal interpretation is the fact that astrology does not predict behavior. Each astrological signature — such as Mars in Cancer in the 3rd house — can express in an infinite number of ways. And yet, when you look beyond the appearances, you can recognize that the motivating force — the underlying blueprint — is that specific astrological signature.

Most astrologers think in only two dimensions — planets and signs — and a flat, two-dimensional approach is exactly what you need when you’re doing predictive astrology or asking a horary question.

When interpreting a natal chart, you have to work in three dimensions, not just two. The third dimension is consciousness. Consciousness accounts for the full range of expression of each unique astrological signature. Mars in Aries could express as aggressive, impatient, and violent behavior, or it could also express as assertive, self-aware, and pioneering behavior. You can’t look at a natal chart and know how Mars in Aries will express. How a person experiences Mars in Aries at any given time depends entirely on his or her level of consciousness.

In The Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class, you will learn how to work with the model of the Four Kingdoms of Consciousness to create three-dimensional interpretations of any natal chart. This adds tremendous depth to your interpretations. Not only can you identify the specific patterns in the chart, but you can also explore all of the ways those patterns can express. This lets you engage with the chart in a practical and empowered way. 




What is the Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee?

Almost everything in life seems to come down to the questions of time and money. When you’re deciding to invest your hard-earned money in something, you’d like to be absolutely certain that you’re going to have the time to enjoy it.

What’s so great about this class is that no matter how unpredictable your schedule is, you can still get the full benefit of it. Between the live classes and the class recordings, you’ll have all of the time you need to enjoy it.

In fact, I’m so confident of that, I’ll back it up with my Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

GuaranteeCertificateLet’s face it: you won’t know for certain if this class is right for you until you’ve finished the entire course. So go ahead. Be my guest.

No, I’m not kidding.

This guarantee is good for a full 6 weeks. You can watch every single class. You can do all of the exercises and interpret all of the charts. You can apply every tool and technique in your own life to see how it works. You can do all of that with absolutely no risk whatsoever.

At the end of the 6 weeks, if you’re not happy with the class — or even if you just don’t think you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned — just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire tuition. 

That’s what bulletproof happiness is all about.



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