Here's what some of my clients have to say about their experiences with Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey 

“I got further in 6 months with this program than I did in 30 years of psychotherapy.”

I have been a member of a faith community for over 35 years. I’d read all kinds of religious, spiritual, and self-help books, tried many different things, and learned much. I was committed to figuring out how to make my life work, but I couldn’t quite pull it together. After reading some of Kevin’s books I was convinced that the Hero’s Journey was the key I’d been looking for. The only stumbling block for me at the beginning was the cost—not because it’s too much, it’s worth every penny and then some—but my level of consciousness at the beginning made it a bit of a challenge. I’m so glad that I did it. The Hero’s Journey Process was the absolute best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I got further in 6 months with this program than I did in 30 years of psychotherapy.

The most important thing that I got out of the Hero’s Journey Process is a functioning Emotional Guidance System. I learned what it takes to be safe and happy. Life makes sense to me for the first time and I can do many things now that I was too fearful to even consider before. I can intellectualize things from here to eternity, but, it doesn’t matter what you know; what matters is what you do and what you are.  I learned daily practices to feel safe, I learned how to stay present, and with a functioning Emotional Guidance System I’m able to identify and choose what makes me happy.

Some of the homework was really hard, but it was also really good, and I enjoyed doing it. The insights I got from it were truly eye-opening. But what I enjoyed most about the process was talking to Kevin. His insights, patience, wisdom — and total lack of judging — are incredibly empowering.

Now, when I’m having a bad day, or I’m not happy about something, I have the tools to identify the problem, and I can figure out what I need to do to correct it. That’s another huge thing for me. The Present Moment Awareness Safety Meditation is amazingly effective. I also appreciate having the other meditations, and knowing how to negotiate with the Astrological Archetypes. Those are wonderful tools.

I recommend the Hero’s Journey to everyone. What I like the most about the Hero’s Journey Process is it’s absolute practicality. It’s not a big “woo-woo” out-there thing.  These are the “Instructions for a Happy and Successful Life” that they forgot to give you when you were born. It’s all of the things you always wanted to know, but didn’t know how to ask about. It pulls together all of the other stuff that you’ve ever learned about spirituality or about being happy and shows you how to apply it to your actual life right now.

—Kasandra from Iillinois

“I trusted my intuition that I was led to this … but I was still afraid because I didn’t know what’s there. I didn’t know where we were going to go.”

The biggest obstacle for me when I was deciding whether or not to do the Hero’s Journey Process was fear. Money was a secondary consideration. In the past, I’ve had experiences where I’ve put money into programs and didn’t get the benefits I was looking for, but that concern was insignificant compared to the fear … the fear of going there. What happens if we go there and there’s nothing there? Or what happens if we go there and there’s something insurmountable? I trusted my intuition that I was led to this — I was called to this — but I was still afraid because I didn’t know what’s there. I didn’t know where we were going to go.

You know how once you complete an experience you kind of forget how hard it was? I haven’t forgotten how hard the Hero’s Journey Process was. And yet, the actual work of it was kind of a distraction for me. The homework and the reading, and the steps that we were taking, and the process, in a way, was a distraction to keep me there, in that place that I knew contained the truth that I needed, but where I was afraid to go. But the confidence that I had in Kevin and how he had organized everything gave me the feeling of safety that I needed.

I think one of the most incredible things that I learned, and that I’m still using after all these months, is how to go back and tell that story — that hardest, hardest story — from a place of non-victimhood. To just look at the facts and see what actually did take place if we remove all of the embellishment of the story and everything that I’ve added to it over the years. And I have so many smaller, but certainly significant stories, where I can hear them pop up on the player and I can say, “Oh, here’s another one.” And I know how to take that time and spend it with the story and retell it in a way that’s not rewriting history. I can ask, “How am I empowered by what happened to me?” And, “How can I tell this story with no blame?” And that was a huge, huge gift for me. And it’s also provided quite a few really good laughs.

One experience that I remember clearly is when we were working with Mars. It was so different to experience it with presence and to realize, “Oh, that’s an aspect of me, and that aspect isn’t ever going to go away.” It’s not like, “Well, don’t be angry,” but just allow it and feel safe, and know that it will pass. I’ve come to understand and respect those aspects of myself that I used to judge as, “Good girls don’t do that; they don’t go there.” And that was huge.

As much as at times I wish this weren’t true, I accept that there will always be those cycles of grasping, the cycles of wanting to bolt, the cycles of staying. But the practice of staying with it, that’s part of being alive and being present. And the —I hate to call them “tools” that Kevin gave me — the gifts, the lessons that Kevin gave me during this journey equipped me to be okay with that. The difficult times are still very difficult for me. But I’m not running away like I used to.

I would recommend this process to anyone that is looking for what I was looking for — anyone who has questions like I’d had for so long, that I thought I would never, ever find any light to them. People would say, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” and I’d go, “Oh, thank you, that’s great.” It wasn’t that Kevin said, “Here’s what’s wrong with you,” he said, “Here’s why you’re asking that question.” So for anyone that is struggling with being able to see, with being able to open his or her eyes to the light that is there but cannot be seen, Kevin’s work is amazing. I’m not sure everybody would be up to the task, though. I would be very up front about telling anyone considering this process that you’re going to go deep — really deep — for a long time. And you will be forever thankful for it. 

—Judite from California

“I truly was not the same person at the end of the process that I was at the beginning … and it was a lovely surprise.”

The biggest obstacle for me was the money — it’s a big investment to begin this process. And I was also concerned about how much time I’d have to invest. But this process changed my life. I truly was not the same person at the end of the process that I was at the beginning. And there was no way —no way—that I could have envisioned who the new me was going to be. It just would have been impossible. And it was a lovely surprise.

What I got out of The Hero’s Journey Process was a completely different outlook on life. I had a new appreciation for my potential and my possibilities. This process gave me a path to change. The first few sessions were not easy, because I had to confront parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. These were parts of me that were difficult to come to terms with, and yet it was essential that I came to terms with them in order to truly change.

I think my favorite part of the process was the talks with Kevin, and the way that he would explain things in depth. I’ve read all sorts of self help books. I’ve been studying metaphysics — many different tracks — for many, many, years, but this process really worked for me. It was the personal attention and interaction with Kevin, and the support materials that he developed.

I would definitely recommend this experience. My advice is, “Just do it!” You’ll be happy, and you’ll be blessed. 

—Sara from California



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