Are You Living The Life of Your Authentic Self, or Do You Look at Your Life and Ask, “Is That All There Is?”

HerosJourneyFrontPanelFinal-3Are You the Hero of Your Own Story?™

Do you feel that there’s something missing in your life that you can’t define? There’s nothing specific that you want, and yet deep in your soul, you long for more. Your soul is calling for you to embody your power and become the hero of your own story.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with your life. There’s nothing to fix because nothing seems to be broken. On the whole, you’re pretty successful. You’ve managed to create a life that is pleasant, stable, and reasonably comfortable. But you look at your life and wonder, “Is that all there is?”

You long for an answer, but first, you need to find the right question.

The Answer Is Bulletproof Happiness. The Question Is How to Find It.

All your life, you’ve been searching for happiness. Unfortunately, you’ve spent most of your life looking for it in the wrong place. When you look for happiness outside of yourself, that happiness is brief and fragile. When conditions change, your happiness disappears.

True happiness is completely bulletproof. It’s a state of mind that comes from within, and it’s impervious to changes in the outside world.

To become completely happy, you have to turn away from the material world and look to the realm of Spirit. And yet you’ve been walking a spiritual path for some time, and you’re still not completely happy.

Knowing About Spiritual Truth Will Not Make You Happy.

It’s probably safe to say that you know a lot about spirituality. You may have a library full of books on spirituality and personal growth. You may have taken classes and workshops, and studied various spiritual disciplines. You may have been an active participant in a number of spiritual communities and philosophies.

There’s just one problem: Knowing about something is not the same thing as knowing it.

When you know about something, it’s an abstract, intellectual understanding. When you know something, you embody it fully and experience it on every level. It’s the difference between reading a detailed description of an apple and taking a bite of one.

You must bridge the gap between knowing about Spiritual Truth and knowing it. Knowing about Spiritual Truth will not make you happy. To experience bulletproof happiness, you must know Spiritual Truth. It has to be something that you live and experience on a daily basis.

But how do you do this? What does it look like? You have no interest in abandoning your current life and becoming a monk or a hermit. There must be some way that you can stay connected to your life, and be in the world, but not of it.

You decide to find your own path. You begin to apply spiritual principles to your life, and immediately everything falls apart. You’re confronted by your fears and judgments, and you’re awash in a sea of painful and uncomfortable feelings.

And just when you’re the most vulnerable, you see another option—a way that you can avoid feeling the pain and jump ahead on your path. But it’s not an answer. It’s an insidious trap known as a spiritual bypass. And if you ever hope to be happy, you must avoid it at all costs.

Spiritual Bypass Ahead: Next Exit, Denial

Knowing so much about spirituality is what makes you vulnerable to spiritual bypass. Because the principles are familiar to you, it’s easy to believe that you don’t have to do the work and feel the feelings. You convince yourself that you have successfully transcended the limitations of ego and miraculously healed all of your old patterns.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you perform a spiritual bypass, you go into denial, and pretend that your pain doesn’t exist—and for a little while, you feel good. But it requires tremendous effort to maintain this illusion. Instinctively, you know that something isn’t working (because you’re not truly happy), so you go on a desperate search for answers, looking for evidence to prove that you don’t have to feel your feelings. You learn even more about spirituality, which only feeds your spiritual ego and drives you even deeper into denial.

To get out of this trap, you’ll need outside help—but not the kind you might think. You don’t need a guru or a teacher. What you need is a spiritual trainer.

Why You Need a Spiritual Trainer, Not a Spiritual Teacher

The temptation of the spiritual bypass is only one of many reasons why it’s so difficult to walk a spiritual path on your own. It’s infinitely easier to stay on course when you have a guide to support you, and help you navigate the pitfalls.

You already know everything you need to know about spirituality. The last thing you need is a teacher or a guru to give you more information and feed your spiritual ego. What you need is a spiritual trainer, someone who can help you to apply what you know about, so you can begin to know it.

A spiritual trainer is a lot like an athletic coach. He creates a program of daily Spiritual Practice that develops your core spiritual muscles. What you get is targeted, specific spiritual guidance and coaching that helps you to overcome the unique challenges on your path.

But having a spiritual trainer isn’t enough. You also need a structured program to follow, which guides you through the process of clearing the obstacles that keep you separated from your ultimate happiness.

Introducing Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey

ChakraPoster-HJWebArchetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey is a unique process that uses practical spirituality to create bulletproof happiness. Over the course of the Hero’s Journey process, you will travel within yourself to meet each of the seven Astrological Archetypes. These guided meditations allow you to gain a personal reference for how these energies show up for you. You will then begin to move into Right Relationship with each archetype through daily Spiritual Practice. You will explore and question your story from the perspective of each of the Astrological Archetypes, and in the process you will reveal the deeper Truth that is hidden within it.

As you move from the “little s” story that keeps you small to the “Big S” Story that calls you to your greatness, you will experience ever-greater levels of happiness.

A Systematic, Comprehensive, Structured Program for Total Spiritual Fitness That Guides You Every Step of the Way Along Your Path

During the entire six months of the process, you will have daily assignments, including Spiritual Practices that target your core spiritual muscles, and written homework that guides you to question your story and uncover the hidden Spiritual Truth that lies within it. The 90-page workbook provides instructional support and clearly defines your current objectives based on where you are in the process. Not only will you develop and strengthen all of your core spiritual muscles, but you will also learn how to apply spiritual principles to your life by exploring your story from multiple dimensions and contexts.

Personal Attention, Motivation, Guidance, and Accountability that Help You Overcome Resistance so You Finish What You Start

How many times have you resolved to make a change in your life and given up because you encountered too much resistance? It’s much harder to quit when you have someone holding you accountable, and that alone can make all the difference.

But I do much more than hold you accountable. I help you to gain a different perspective on your resistance and what it really represents. The mantra for the Hero’s Journey Process is, “Nothing is about what it’s about.” Shifting the context allows you to move through your resistance, emerging with greater confidence and strength.

Designed to Help You Avoid Spiritual Bypass and Discover Your Authentic Self

Because you’ve never encountered anything like Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey, it immediately rescues you from any past spiritual bypasses. The actual work is focused and experiential, which makes it more difficult for your spiritual ego to engage and pull you off track. That doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted to try the occasional spiritual bypass. But the minute you step off track, I’ll be there to help you return and be present with the obstacle you’re hoping to avoid. As you gently dissolve each limiting belief and “little s” story, your authentic “Big S” Self emerges.

During The Hero’s Journey Process You Will…

  • Discover how to apply spiritual principles to your daily life so you can move from knowing about spirituality to knowing it.
  • Learn how to question every aspect of your story and your “little r” reality to uncover the hidden Spiritual Truth.
  • Move out of Victim Consciousness once and for all, and reclaim your Power.
  • Identify your Personal Standards of Integrity and begin to embody your authentic “Big S” Self.
  • Soften your judgments and experience greater compassion for yourself and others.
  • Repair your Emotional Guidance System and learn to feel Safe for the first time in your life.
  • Master the energy of Anger, and use it to fuel your creative expression.
  • Connect with your Core Values and experience greater personal fulfillment and happiness.
  • Claim authorship of your life and move from the “little s” story that keeps you small to the “Big S” Story that calls you to your greatness.
  • Expand your consciousness and discover the abundant Joy and Freedom that comes from living in a new “little r” reality.
  • Build faith in your ability to follow the call of your soul and experience bulletproof happiness.

“I truly was not the same person at the end of the process that I was at the beginning … and it was a lovely surprise.”

The biggest obstacle for me was the money—it’s a big investment to begin this process. And I was also concerned about how much time I’d have to invest. But this process changed my life. I truly was not the same person at the end of the process that I was at the beginning. And there was no way—no way—that I could have envisioned who the new me was going to be. It just would have been impossible. And it was a lovely surprise.

What I got out of The Hero’s Journey Process was a completely different outlook on life. I had a new appreciation for my potential and my possibilities. This process gave me a path to change. The first few sessions were not easy, because I had to confront parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. These were parts of me that were difficult to come to terms with, and yet it was essential that I came to terms with them in order to truly change.

I think my favorite part of the process was the talks with Kevin, and the way that he would explain things in depth. I’ve read all sorts of self-help books. I’ve been studying metaphysics—many different tracks—for many, many, years, but this process really worked for me. It was the personal attention and interaction with Kevin, and the support materials that he developed.

I would definitely recommend this experience. My advice is, “Just do it!” You’ll be happy, and you’ll be blessed.

—Sara from California

Fewer Than One in a Million Are Ready for the Challenge

Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not for most people. It’s not even for most people on a spiritual path. Very few people are willing to do what is required to become truly happy.

There are three main reasons why so few people are ready for the challenge of The Hero’s Journey Process:

1. You Will Be Profoundly Uncomfortable During the Entire Process

You already understand that your life doesn’t work for you, but the moment you begin Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey, you will become acutely aware of how much it doesn’t work. As you discover your Personal Standards of Integrity, you will have to accept all of the situations in your life where you’re out of integrity.

From the very beginning of The Hero’s Journey, you will be profoundly uncomfortable, and this discomfort will not let up until after you’ve completed the entire process.

This is critical, because the only way that you can grow and change is to step outside of what’s comfortable and familiar. What makes the Hero’s Journey Process so powerful and effective is that it’s designed to keep you in that sweet spot where you’re uncomfortable enough to do whatever you have to in order to grow, but you’re not so uncomfortable that you shut down and give up.

2. It Will Be the Single Most Difficult Thing You’ve Ever Attempted in Your Life

Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey will challenge you in ways that you can’t begin to imagine. Nothing you’ve experienced so far in your life can prepare you for this process.

You will have to face your greatest fears, and encounter the parts of yourself that you would rather pretend don’t exist. And not only will you have to be willing to feel the painful and uncomfortable feelings that you’ve spent your life avoiding, you’ll also have to be willing to stay present with those feelings for extended periods of time.

Remember that you will be guided and supported every step of the way on this journey, and as uncomfortable as you will be, you’ll never be given more than you can handle. But you will struggle with this process from beginning to end, because that’s what’s required in order to grow. 

3. It Involves a Significant Investment of Time, Energy and Money

Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey is a big investment. First of all, you need to be prepared to spend about 45 minutes to an hour every single day on the various assignments. But more than that, because you will be living out the Hero’s Journey Process in your life, your daily life will require more energy and attention than you’re used to. And then there’s the money. In light of what you get, the investment is quite reasonable (usually around $300 a month for six months), but it’s still a considerable expense for most people.

The real question is: how much is happiness worth to you?

But don’t get too concerned about the money. When you’re truly ready to begin this process, the finances won’t be an issue for you.

“I trusted my intuition that I was led to this … but I was still afraid because I didn’t know what’s there. I didn’t know where we were going to go.”

In the past, I’ve had experiences where I’ve put money into programs and didn’t get the benefits I was looking for, but that concern was insignificant compared to the fear … the fear of going there. What happens if we go there and there’s nothing there? Or what happens if we go there and there’s something insurmountable? I trusted my intuition that I was led to this—I was called to this—but I was still afraid because I didn’t know what’s there. I didn’t know where we were going to go.

You know how once you complete an experience you kind of forget how hard it was? I haven’t forgotten how hard the Hero’s Journey Process was. And yet, the actual work of it was kind of a distraction for me. The homework and the reading, and the steps that we were taking, and the process, in a way, were a distraction to keep me there, in that place that I knew contained the truth that I needed, but where I was afraid to go. But the confidence that I had in Kevin and how he had organized everything gave me the feeling of safety that I needed.

As much as at times I wish this weren’t true, I accept that there will always be those cycles of grasping, the cycles of wanting to bolt, the cycles of staying. But the practice of staying with it, that’s part of being alive and being present. And the—I hate to call them “tools” that Kevin gave me—the gifts, the lessons that Kevin gave me during this journey equipped me to be okay with that. The difficult times are still very difficult for me. But I’m not running away like I used to.

I would recommend this process to anyone that is looking for what I was looking for—anyone who has questions like I’d had for so long, that I thought I would never, ever find any light to them. People would say, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” and I’d go, “Oh, thank you, that’s great.” It wasn’t that Kevin said, “Here’s what’s wrong with you,” he said, “Here’s why you’re asking that question.” So for anyone that is struggling with being able to see, with being able to open his or her eyes to the light that is there but cannot be seen, Kevin’s work is amazing. I’m not sure everybody would be up to the task, though. I would be very up front about telling anyone considering this process that you’re going to go deep—really deep—for a long time. And you will be forever thankful for it.

—Judite from California

So, The Hero’s Journey is Uncomfortable, Difficult, Time-Consuming and Expensive. Why Would Anyone Want to Do It?

No one wants to do the Hero’s Journey Process. You do it because you no longer have a choice. The prospect of living out the rest of your life as it is now, is too uncomfortable to consider any more.

Anais Nin’s poem, “Risk,” describes it best:

And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

When that day comes for you, you’re ready to embark on the Hero’s Journey Process.

What Does The Hero’s Journey Process Look Like?

You’ll have a total of twelve 90-minute consultations with me, scheduled every other week. After each session, you’ll receive the next chapter in the workbook, which includes your homework for the next two weeks. You must complete the written homework and email it back to me no later than one week before your next scheduled session.

In the meantime, you’ll have daily Spiritual Practices that you will follow. These always include a reading assignment from Transcending the Levels of Consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., and usually include a period of contemplation or meditation, and about 10 to 15 minutes of writing in your journal. You’ll also be doing “The List” exercise for the duration of The Hero’s Journey Process. In addition, you will learn (and practice) specific Spiritual Practices that relate to the particular Astrological Archetype you’re working with at the time.

The Hero’s Journey Process is divided into two parts. The first half of the Hero’s Journey is designed to help you to move out of Victim Consciousness, develop your accountability muscles, and learn how to feel truly Safe. At the end of the sixth session, we’ll do an evaluation and see where you are in your journey. Before you embark on the second half of the journey, it’s critical that you’ve developed the ability to feel uncomfortable without being unsafe. If you’re ready to continue with the second, more challenging part of the journey, we will. Otherwise, I may recommend taking a break for a period of time while you integrate what you’ve learned so far, and continue to develop your core spiritual muscles.

The journey is what matters, not the destination. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete the process, or even if you complete the process at all. As long as you do the work, and are willing to stay present with it, you will experience profound transformation, and become significantly happier than you are right now.

“I got further in 6 months with this program than I did in 30 years of psychotherapy.”

I have been a member of a faith community for over 35 years. I’d read all kinds of religious, spiritual, and self-help books, tried many different things, and learned much. I was committed to figuring out how to make my life work, but I couldn’t quite pull it together. After reading some of Kevin’s books I was convinced that the Hero’s Journey was the key I’d been looking for. The only stumbling block for me at the beginning was the cost—not because it’s too much, it’s worth every penny and then some—but my level of consciousness at the beginning made it a bit of a challenge. I’m so glad that I did it. The Hero’s Journey Process was the absolute best investment I’ve ever made in myself. I got further in 6 months with this program than I did in 30 years of psychotherapy.

The most important thing that I got out of the Hero’s Journey Process is a functioning Emotional Guidance System. I learned what it takes to be Safe and happy. Life makes sense to me for the first time, and I can do many things now that I was too fearful to even consider before. I can intellectualize things from here to eternity, but, it doesn’t matter what you know; what matters is what you do and what you are. I learned daily practices to feel Safe, I learned how to stay present, and with a functioning Emotional Guidance System I’m able to identify and choose what makes me happy.

What I like the most about the Hero’s Journey Process is its absolute practicality. It pulls together all of the other stuff that you’ve ever learned about spirituality or about being happy and shows you how to apply it to your actual life right now.

—Kasandra from Illinois

I Think I’m Ready. What’s the Next Step?

There are two very important steps to take before you can begin The Hero’s Journey Process.

First, you must watch the Introduction to Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey DVD. You can purchase it here for $12.95 (plus shipping). This DVD gives you a detailed introduction to the Hero’s Journey Process, explains the context of consciousness, introduces you to each of the Astrological Archetypes, and illustrates the fundamental Spiritual Practices that you’ll be following over the course of the program.

Once you’ve watched the DVD, you then need to order a copy of Transcending the Levels of Consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins, and schedule a 90-minute consultation with me that will serve as a “Spiritual Fitness Evaluation.” I’ll get to know you, and get a feel for where you are on your spiritual path, and at the end of the consultation, I’ll make some recommendations as to how I can best support you in taking your next spiritual step. Generally, I’ll make one of three recommendations.

I may assign some homework in the form of Spiritual Practices, and schedule a follow-up consultation to see how you progress.

I may recommend a less strenuous Spiritual Training Package where we would work together for six sessions over the course of three months, developing your core spiritual muscles without the added intensity of the Hero’s Journey Process.

And finally, I may give you the go-ahead to begin the first half of the Hero’s Journey Process.

And remember, at the end of the first half, I do another evaluation to see if you’re ready to continue with the second, more challenging half of the process. 

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