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Welcome to the Talented Astrologer Blog!

Welcome to the Talented Astrologer Blog!

Welcome to the new and improved Talented Astrologer Blog!

This is where you'll find the newest content in The Real Astrology Academy, including articles, videos, class excerpts, and more.

You can subscribe to the entire blog, or you can choose to subscribe to your favorite topic, so you'll never miss a post. I plan to post new content three times a week, in three main categories: How to Become a Talented Astrologer, Talented Astrologer Video Blog, and Miscellaneous Musings: Astrology Articles and Advanced Techniques.

How to Become a Talented Astrologer

A few years ago, I created a free eMail course called How to Become a Talented Astrologer. The original class is no longer available because so much of the material was revised, updated, and included in my new book, Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1. Rather than recreate the class, I've incorporated it as a regular feature in the Talented Astrologer Blog.

The posts in the "How to Become a Talented Astrologer" series will explore astrological skills (and how to develop them). I'll cover the fundamentals of the language of astrology in this series, taking closer looks at planets, signs, houses, and aspects. But I'll also explore bigger topics including the difference between the academic path and the practical path, how we learn, and how to get the most enjoyment from your astrological studies.

Look for new posts in this series on Talented Astrologer Tuesdays. 

Talented Astrologer Video Blog featuring Ask Kevin

I first launched Ask Kevin in 1998 as a forum to answer questions about astrology. In 2012, I began to create the first series of Ask Kevin Videos, which I posted on YouTube. I'm filming new Ask Kevin Videos, and updating the most popular Ask Kevin questions from the archives.

I'll be posting new videos from the Talented Astrologer Video Blog on Thursdays. 

Miscellaneous Musings: Astrology Articles and Advanced Techniques

I'll cover the widest range of subjects on Saturdays. You'll find articles on advanced techniques, including horary astrology, predictive astrology, and relationship astrology, as well as general interest articles.

Bonus Posts: Astrological Portraits and Celebrity Charts

From time to time, I'll post astrological portraits of celebrities that I've created while teaching classes in The Real Astrology Academy. All of the inner workings of these portraits, including the charts, blueprint templates, and my notes, will be added to the Bonus Gifts that come bundled with my book, Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1.

Engage, Discuss, Comment, Tweet, and Share!

My goal is to create a community around the Talented Astrologer Blog, so please, join in the conversation! Comment on the posts, and share or tweet the ones that you like the most. Ask me questions, and share your own thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!

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Rave Reviews for Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1

Mary Plumb, in her review in The Mountain Astrologer says:

An excellent guide to astrology that is far more than a typical beginner book. Not only is Burk a skilled communicator (who has studied how people learn), he is also a funny, self-revealing fellow with an astute foundation in traditional astrology (and human psychology) … His book is an in-depth presentation that is spaciously formatted with color in the text and in the cartoons, charts, and tables. His knowledge of traditional astrology, informed by modern views of human development, and his obvious gifts as a teacher combine in this most useful training manual.”

Donna Woodwell, M.A., former Board Member of NCGR and ISAR says:

A masterful step-by-step guide for learning traditional foundations of chart interpretation in a way that’s accessible to the modern astrologer. Brimming with tips and techniques, it’s fun and practical — the perfect addition to anyone’s astrological explorations.”

Find out what everyone’s talking about! Print and digital editions of Principles of Practical Natal Astrology are available here. Plus, you can download sample chapters of the book for free.

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