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Do People with Mars in the Fourth House Bottle Up Anger?

Do People with Mars in the Fourth House Bottle Up Anger?

Sometimes simple questions don't have simple answers. Many parents discover this the first time their child asks them "Why is the sky blue?" The surreptitious Google search gets you to the answer, but the answer requires an understanding of the atmosphere, light waves, colors of light, and how light travels through the air.

Astrology teachers have the same problem. Students ask questions that seem so simple, and are often disappointed when there isn't a simple answer. For example, one of my students asked me if people who have Mars in the Fourth House of the natal chart tend to bottle up anger. It's an excellent question, but not a simple one. 

To consider the question, we have to consider the assumptions behind the question and how the astrology relating to Mars and planets in the Fourth House combine. We also have to consider anger, and what it means to bottle it up.

First, there is no definitive answer to this question because astrology does not predict behavior.

This applies to every question about what a particular pattern in a natal chart means or how it expresses. Each astrological signature can express in an infinite number of ways, depending on the individual's level of consciousness. The most we could say is that the behavior of bottling up anger is one possible way that Mars in the Fourth House could express.

Keep in mind, we haven't come to that conclusion yet. We have to consider the astrology first. But even if the astrology backs up the premise, it would not apply to every person with Mars in the Fourth House. 

So let’s consider what connections Mars and the Fourth House have with anger and bottling up things.

The connection between Mars and anger is clear. One of the things that Mars represents in the natal chart is how we experience and express anger.

The connection between the Fourth House and bottling things up takes a little more explanation. The Fourth House is the most private, personal house in the chart. But just because planets that occupy the Fourth House express privately doesn't mean that they have difficulty expressing.

The Fourth House is an angular house. Planets that occupy the Fourth House are prominent. They have an easy time expressing and connecting with the outside world. They just keep their behavior private and don't post about it on Facebook. 

You might not notice someone with Mars in the Fourth House expressing anger, but that doesn’t mean they're bottling it up.

You can never know with absolute certainty what another person is experiencing. When someone expresses anger, it's usually quite noticeable. But it's possible to feel anger without expressing it or bottling it up. The issue here isn't astrology as much as it's our relationship to anger.

Anger is both a feeling and a level of consciousness. The energy of anger is just energy. It's not inherently negative or destructive. However, when that energy is expressed from the level of consciousness of Anger, the results are never good. Anger, which calibrates at 150, is a part of First Kingdom/Victim Consciousness. Any action taken from the consciousness of Anger will always be counter-productive.

Few people have a healthy relationship with anger. When we experience anger, we see only two choices. We can react from the consciousness of Anger, which is destructive, or we can suppress the anger, repress it, and bottle it up, which is also destructive. When you master your anger, you have a third option: you can take the energy of anger and use it in a constructive, supportive way.

Given how unacceptable expressing anger can be, it’s more likely that people with a prominent Mars will bottle up anger.

Someone with Mars in the Fourth House already keeps their anger private. Their family may see that side of their personality, but few others ever will. On the other hand when a person with a prominent Mars gets angry, everyone knows about it. When they get angry, it doesn't just hurt them, it hurts other people, too. This is the kind of belief that causes someone to suppress, repress, and bottle up anger.

No one saw Robin Williams as angry, and yet he suffered from debilitating depression.

Williams has an extremely prominent and influential Mars in his chart. His Mars is in the Ninth House, and it's trine his Ascendant, so it shows up as a major part of his personality. Mars also rules his Scorpio Ascendant, and it's the most influential planet in his chart. And his Mars is both conjunct Uranus and Square Jupiter.

Mars conjunct Uranus makes Williams' anger unpredictable, and the square from Jupiter makes it bigger. All of this has a direct line to Williams' front door because of the trine between Mars and the Ascendant. Williams already had to struggle with the size of his personality, and he probably learned at an early age to control his anger.

There are many other contributing factors in Williams' chart to suggest that he had a tremendous reserve of anger. The tragedy for Williams was that he never learned how to express that energy in a supportive, positive way. Repressed, bottled up anger often turns inward and manifests as depression, which eventually drove Williams to take his own life. 

To sum it all up, no, people with Mars in the Fourth House aren’t especially prone to bottle up their anger.

Even though planets in the Fourth House are private when they express, they don't have any inherent difficulty expressing. People with Mars in the Fourth House may not show their anger to the outside world, but that doesn't mean they don't experience it.

People bottle up anger because they believe that the only other alternative is expressing anger, and they don't consider that to be an acceptable option. Expressing anger hurts other people, but suppressing it only hurts us.

Ironically, people with a prominent Mars are more likely to have the belief that expressing anger is not acceptable. When they expressed anger as children, it would have been quite obvious. If they were punished or chastised for it, they're likely to decide to bottle up anger in the future.

Bottling up anger isn’t the answer.

The real issue is that few people understand how to take advantage of the energy of anger and channel it in productive, supportive ways. Fortunately, it's quite easy to learn. Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy gives you all of the tools you need to transform your relationship with anger, move out of Victim Consciousness, and become truly happy. Learn more about it at http://getangrygethappy.com.

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