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The Stars Dispose: Predictive Astrology in the October Issue of Talented Astrologer Magazine

The Stars Dispose: Predictive Astrology in the October Issue of Talented Astrologer Magazine
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One of the biggest challenges for astrologers is finding the balance between fate and free will. An ancient tenant of astrology is, "The stars dispose; they do not compel." We're influenced by our charts and by the astrological energies, but we also choose our own paths. This is easy enough to incorporate when interpreting natal charts, but harder to reconcile when working with predictive astrology. After all, predictive astrology is supposed to predict the future. At least that's what I believed back in 2014 when I was preparing to teach the first Online Predictive Astrology Class.

As you'll discover in the first feature article this month, The Quantum Theory of Practical Predictive Natal Astrology, I made a lot of mistakes. I forgot the natal chart is not a crystal ball. I assumed that because transits are popular, they must be practical. And most significantly, I assumed that the Universe obeys the Law of Cause and Effect. Eventually, I realized that the Universe is quantum, and so is astrology.

Trump TV: The Season Finale, which starts on page 34, is a practical demonstration of predictive natal astrology, using primary directions, solar returns, and annual profections. The article originally appeared in the June/July 2016 issue of The Mountain Astrologer. I haven't altered any of my predictions since then. We're about to see if I'm right.

In Horary Astrology: What Part of "No" Don't You Understand, I explore the ins and outs of horary astrology. Horary astrology can provide precise, accurate answers to specific questions such as, "Should I buy this house?" But be warned: the answer is usually, "No."

And in the Consciousness department this month, learn about the relationship between Fate, Free Will, and Spiritual Bypass, starting on page 71.

All this — and much more — is included in the October Issue of Talented Astrologer!

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Rave Reviews for Principles of Practical Natal Astrology: Talented Astrologer Training Book 1

Mary Plumb, in her review in The Mountain Astrologer says:

“An excellent guide to astrology that is far more than a typical beginner book. Not only is Burk a skilled communicator (who has studied how people learn), he is also a funny, self-revealing fellow with an astute foundation in traditional astrology (and human psychology) … His book is an in-depth presentation that is spaciously formatted with color in the text and in the cartoons, charts, and tables. His knowledge of traditional astrology, informed by modern views of human development, and his obvious gifts as a teacher combine in this most useful training manual.”

Donna Woodwell, M.A., former Board Member of NCGR and ISAR says:

“A masterful step-by-step guide for learning traditional foundations of chart interpretation in a way that’s accessible to the modern astrologer. Brimming with tips and techniques, it’s fun and practical — the perfect addition to anyone’s astrological explorations.”

Find out what everyone’s talking about! Print and digital editions of Principles of Practical Natal Astrology are available here. Plus, you can download sample chapters of the book for free.

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