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I would like to find out what you recommend when interpreting something like Libra Sun/ Mercury with a Sagittarius Ascendant. The Sagittarius is blunt and sometimes brutally honest, whereas Libra is very diplomatic. How does one find out which side predominates (if at all?)

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    Thank you for clearing the confusion regarding the expression of planets and "signs".
    I have another question (hoping it is still on topic) about the magnetic strength of outer planets, stars, etc., and how that relates to giving a personal astrological profile when calculated for place and time of birth. I am totally new to this kind of subject and totally ignorant of what exactly is being calculated from the positions of planets relative to the earth. I know that I am overly sensitive to fluctuations in barometric pressure, weather changes, altitude variation and environments (geographically or structurally) with denser and/or stronger magnetic levels. Additionally, various kinds of electricity either tire me out quickly or supercharge me with a wonderfully crisp, clean, clear positive energy. I notice that the moon phases also have an influence in my energy levels and alertness. Do credible astrological profiles bring the above points of over-sensitivity into some kind of meaningful picture for people like me? If so, can you explain how any of the above points inter-relate? I apologize in advance if my question is totally posted in the wrong place.

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  • Kristin,

    The planets have absolutely no physical effect on us, so the issue of "magnetic strength" isn't a part of astrology. The physical and material aspects of the planets have never been a part of astrology. Astrology operates on a symbolic level. The physical planets have no direct effect on anyone on Earth.

    Astrology also doesn't operate at the level of behavior. Your sensitivity to energy is behavior, and there's nothing you can point to in your chart that would relate to that specifically. The behavior (sensitivity to energy) is how YOU experience the symbols in your chart, and there are certainly elements in your chart that relate to it. But you can't see those elements in a chart and expect anyone else to experience them the way that you do.

    The bigger issue is that you're not limited by your chart. If you are not happy being so sensitive to energies, you can learn to do something about it. There are numerous techniques that will strengthen your boundaries and provide additional protection. You might find the pattern in your chart, but seeing the pattern in the chart doesn't change anything. You get to decide how you experience your natal chart.

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  • Thank you for your response. It sounds like astrological charts will not help me make sense of the kinds of things that I experience. What other methods/tools do you suggest that I explore? I would like to be able to anticipate my over-sensitivities and tame them if needed. Otherwise, I would like be able to make my over-sensitivities work for me rather than the current alternatives I generally experience. I believe the utilization of personal accountability, free-will, self-governing, personal growth and critical thinking work most things out for people. I do not subscribe to victimhood and the like. However, I indeed have something going on where those precepts are not helping me. Maybe I have a sensitivity to certain types of frequency levels that generally over-write my internal wiring? Learning how to establish proper boundaries so that I can still be "tuned in" without having sudden and unwelcomed physical reactions is certainly a goal. I just don't know what questions to ask. I do not know where to look for information that will afford me the opportunity to understand what/why/how to turn my sensitivities into a reliable strength. I am not looking for a magic crystal or a lucky charm ;) I am looking for real answers to real questions. Your site piques my interest. I hope you will point me to the most appropriate subject title(s) on your site for exploration and education. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • Kristin,

    I recommend you check out "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging" by Barbara Ann Brennan. These books will introduce you to energy work and help you to gain a better understanding of your energy field and how to adjust it.

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