Angela Asks:

I would like to find out what you recommend when interpreting something like Libra Sun/ Mercury with a Sagittarius Ascendant. The Sagittarius is blunt and sometimes brutally honest, whereas Libra is very diplomatic. How does one find out which side predominates (if at all?)

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  • Thank you for clearing the confusion regarding the expression of planets and "signs". I have another question (hoping it is still on topic) about the magnetic strength of outer planets, stars, etc., and how that relates to giving a personal astrological profile when calculated for place and time of...
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Angela Asks:

I’ve heard you speak of the “dreaded astrological alphabet.” Until I read about this system, I felt at a loss to “tie up” and synthesize the chart. What system do you suggest to speed up the process of looking at the whole chart, without missing out any vital parts?

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Ellen Asks:

“I have a question regarding the Moon’s Nodes. Nobody has been able to clear up my confusion about my Nodes because my houses are all opposite their signs. I have North Node in Aquarius in the 5th house, and South Node in Leo in the 11th House.”

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Robert Asks:

“In reading your book, [Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart], I noticed, in determining the balances for the elements, modes, hemispheres, and quadrants that 1) you divide the points into groups of personal planets, personal angles, and outer planets and 2) you include the Part of Fortune, North Node, and South Node, and 3)you include Chiron in outer planets, and 4) it seems that the points are not weighted for scoring of the balances.

In Solar Fire, the default method of scoring the balances is weighted. The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are multiplied by 3, Mercury, Venus and Mars by 2, and Jupiter through Neptune by 1. Chiron, the Midheaven, the Nodes, and the Part of Fortune are weighted 0—that is, they don’t effect the scoring of the balances at all.

Having great respect for Kevin Burk and for Solar Fire, whose methods seem to be slightly at odds, I am confused as to whether some points should be weighted, and if so, by what factor?”

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