Nigel Asks:

“A close female friend and I have an 11th house stellium involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto in our composite chart. For the life of me, I haven’t been able to find information about stelliums in composite charts, and what they mean. Can you enlighten me? What would the same stellium in a composite 2nd house mean?”

Kevin Answers:


Personally, I would simply look at it as a particular focus on the affairs of that house, for the relationship. With five planets in the composite 11th house, I would say that the relationship would have a very strong platonic flavor to it.

It could also mean that the couple enjoys spending time with their mutual friends. The 2nd house would indicate a focus on resources, but again, the meaning of the 2nd house in a composite chart seems to become confused. The 2nd house would represent the financial resources of the relationship, which would be the shared resources of the individuals, which would, of course, be the 8th house in the natal charts.

Frankly, the more questions I answer on composite charts, the less value I see in them.

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