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“On June 10, 1964, a solar eclipse took place at 19 degrees Gemini, which is a significant aspect in someone’s chart (Sun/Moon conjunct at 19 Gemini). On June 10, 2002, the eclipse will again take place at 19 degrees Gemini. What does an eclipse conjunct a natal eclipse mean? I know they are ‘triggers’ but how intense can this get?”

Kevin Answers:


Just as a reminder, solar eclipses occur when the new moon is conjunct the nodal axis. In other words, in a solar eclipse, you will have the Sun and Moon conjunct. A solar eclipse at 19 Gemini means that the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 19 Gemini, and that this is within 15° to 18° of the Moon’s Nodes.

If we consider the aspects and configurations in the natal chart to be sensitive events, then when these events happen again by transit, even if the transiting event does not directly contact the natal planets, we have what is known as a recurrence. For example, an individual with Mars square Saturn in her chart is going to be particularly sensitive to any Mars square Saturn transits, whether they connect directly with her chart or not. Anytime Mars or Saturn triggers the Mars square Saturn aspect in her chart, the recurrence is going to be significantly stronger.

People who were born on a solar eclipse are naturally very sensitive to eclipses. Every time there is a solar eclipse (twice a year) they experience a recurrence of the natal eclipse. And about every 19 years, they’re going to get a very big recurrence, when the solar eclipse occurs on or near the degree of the natal eclipse.

As to the question of how intense this can get, that really depends on how well the person has been able to integrate the energy and lessons of the eclipse in their natal chart. I’ve had a Solar Eclipse occur conjunct my Sun, and honestly, it was no picnic. It marked a year of very intense change and transformation for me. I had to truly question who I was as an individual, and spent quite a lot of the time processing things quite intensely. It was a very valuable and important period of time for me, particularly with respect to my spiritual path, and I’m very glad that I did the work, but I can’t say that I look forward to it happening again anytime soon.

I think that one of the reasons that eclipses are so challenging is that they plug us directly into our soul lessons through the Nodal Axis. When a solar eclipse occurs on our Sun or Moon, we’re often overloaded with a tremendous amount of information and instructions on a spiritual level. We are not conscious of the full range of this information, nor are we able to access it easily. However, this information fundamentally alters our core sense of self and identity (Sun) or our emotional and soul nature (Moon), or both. The eclipse alters our core programming, and it can take quite a bit of time for us to get acclimated to the subtle but significant changes. What can often be frustrating about the effects of eclipses is that we’re not always able to appreciate the nature of the changes or how they fit into the big picture. Sometimes these shifts have to do with our spiritual and soul journeys, and these frequently have little obvious connection to our experience and understanding of our lives on Earth.

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