Tami Asks:

“I have read that this past [lunar] eclipse is related to one in November 1984. However, I can’t find any explanation as to how.”

Kevin Answers:


The best explanation by far of the relationship between the various eclipses is contained in The Eagle and the Lark: A Textbook of Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady. I’m going to try and paraphrase a very high-level answer to your question here, but if you are at all interested in understanding and interpreting eclipses as predictive tools, this book is by far the best resource I’ve ever found.

Eclipses are grouped by Saros Series. Each Saros Series produces a solar eclipse every 18 years plus 9 to 11 days, and each eclipse in the series progresses closer to or farther from the Nodal Axis in increments of one-half to one degree at a time. Each Saros Series begins with a partial solar eclipse at either the North or the South Pole. The eclipse will occur between 15° and 18° in front of the Nodal axis. The series spirals around the Earth, moving closer to the Nodal Axis (and from partial to total), and then crosses over the Nodal Axis (approximately 650 years after the first eclipse in the cycle), moving past it (and from total back to partial), until finally another 650 years later, the last partial eclipse occurs at the opposite pole, between 15° and 18° behind the Nodal Axis.

Each year, there are two sets of eclipses, from two different Saros Series. The eclipses that occur around the North Node belong to the Saros Series North, and originated at the North Pole. The eclipses that occur around the South Node belong to the Saros Series South, and originated at the South Pole.

Each Saros Series is said to have its own characteristics, related to the chart and planetary placements of the original eclipse that began the series.

The Eagle and the Lark includes information on all of the Saros Series eclipses, plus, as I mentioned, some of the best information I’ve found on working with eclipses.

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