Annette Asks:

“What does it mean if you are born during a Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse? Does this denote special meaning, etc?”

Kevin Answers:


Thanks for your question! Let met start out by clarifying some of the astronomy involved and then we’ll take a look at the astrology. Lunar Eclipses can only occur at a Full Moon. They happen whenever the Full Moon occurs within 12 degrees of the Moon’s Nodes. The Earth’s shadow is cast over the Moon, blocking out the Moon’s light for a period of time.


So what happens during a Lunar Eclipse is that the Sun is conjunct one Node, and the Moon is conjunct the other Node. In a natal chart, this means that the spiritual lessons of the Nodal Axis are going to be a fundamental and very integrated part of that individual’s core identity. This also means that balance—between the conscious and the unconscious, the rational and the emotional, the North Node lessons and the South Node gifts, is going to be a very prominent, very central theme in that individual’s life.

Having any planet conjunct one of the Nodes makes it much easier to tap into the energy of that Node, because every time you express or experience an activation of the planet, it’s also related to the energy of the Node. When one is born on a Lunar Eclipse, it’s important to consider which planet is conjunct which Node. The South Node, remember, is the easy, familiar territory. It’s the place where we bring our skills and experience from the past, but it’s also the place were we’re most likely to get trapped by old patterns and old habits. The North Node is less familiar—it points the way to how we’re meant to use our South Node gifts in this lifetime.

If the Sun is conjunct the South Node and the Moon conjunct the North Node, the focus will be on learning to be guided by your more intuitive, emotional nature, while still retaining your familiar sense of self and identity shown by the Sun conjunct the South Node. If, on the other hand, the Moon is conjunct the South Node and the Sun conjunct the North Node, your emotional nature is what is the most comfortable and familiar to you, and your lesson is to learn to bring that energy into more balance and conscious awareness by working with your Sun conjunct your North Node.

The lessons involved are seen through the signs on the Nodal Axis, as well as the houses where the nodes (and the Sun and Moon) reside.

One other effect of being born under a Lunar eclipse is that you’re far more likely to be very sensitive to the transiting Lunar Eclipses—even when they don’t specifically “trigger” anything in your chart. Every Lunar Eclipse is a recurrence of the Lunar Eclipse in your natal chart, and every Lunar Eclipse will bring up issues related to your spiritual path.

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