Ulyana Asks:

“You said that the South Node represents the lessons we learned in our past lives that we brought into this life to work with. You also said that Saturn represents the lessons we didn’t learn and are here to learn. How could a South Node and Saturn conjunction be interpreted? It seems like a contradiction, especially when they are in the same sign.”

Kevin Answers:


First of all, Saturn does not necessarily represent lessons that we didn’t learn and are here to learn. I don’t believe that I’ve ever associated Saturn with past lives because I simply don’t approach astrology from that perspective. The South Node is the only point that I’ve ever connected with past lessons (learned or not), and even then, I always try and qualify my comments. I’m sure there are other astrologers who approach Saturn from a past life/past lesson perspective, and I’m not questioning the validity of that approach. I do want to be clear, however, that it is not my approach.

Next, let me just clarify that the only time one would consider the South Node and Saturn to be conjunct would be if they were in the same sign. If they’re in different signs, it’s not a conjunction because the Nodes are not physical bodies.

As far as a Saturn conjunct the South Node goes, quite simply it indicates that you’re taking responsibility for the lessons and gifts of the South Node. There’s no inherent contradiction at all.

When planets contact the Nodes it simply means that we’re going to be working more consciously with the gifts, lessons, and challenges of the Nodes, because we’re going to be connecting with that energy every time we encounter or express that planet.

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