Juan Asks:

“What is the best placement in the chart for Saturn in Cancer? I will have a son at the end of this year and I have the chance of choosing the time of birth.”

Kevin Answers:


Michael Lutin has said that the best place for Saturn is in someone else’s chart. That’s all I’m going to say about Saturn here. Not only is there no answer to the “best” house placement for Saturn (in Cancer or otherwise), but that’s not the real issue.

The real issue here is the idea of consciously trying to pick a chart for a child, and it’s one that I consider to be fraught with ethical concerns.

We each choose our own charts. Left to their own devices and without the intervention of modern medicine, the fetus is the one that triggers the start of labor. The fetus decides when it’s ready to come into the world. In the modern world, this is not always possible. Many women are not able to have natural childbirth and instead must have a caesarian. This actually takes away the child’s ability to choose the moment of birth. Terry Lamb has questioned what long-term spiritual effects this may have when our first and most important choice is taken away from us. I find that question absolutely fascinating; obviously, though, it’s not one that we can consider on a practical basis. To ensure the health of the child and the mother, natural childbirth is not always an option. The flip-side of this, of course, is that the souls born by caesarian may still have picked that moment and that specific crisis. But I digress.

It’s one thing to know that your child’s birth will have to be scheduled in advance. It’s quite another to take it on yourself to try and manipulate the time of birth in order to change their chart. To my mind this represents such egregious violations on so many levels that I can’t even give it serious consideration. It is not your responsibility to choose a chart for your son, or for anyone else, for that matter. It is not for you (or me, or any other astrologer) to say what chart would be the “best” for him.

Listen to your doctor’s recommendations. He or she will tell you when the best time would be, and the pick the time that’s the most convenient for your wife and the medical staff. Rest assured that whatever house Saturn is in will be the perfect placement for your son.

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