Chris Asks:

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that the astrological charts on which we base our signs are incorrect because there is a discrepancy between the Gregorian and Vedic calendars—a three-week discrepancy. Have you heard of this?

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Shereen Asks:

My question is about how to determine where a solar eclipse falls in my chart. Suppose that the moon is in my 5th house at the exact time that a new moon eclipse occurs. But then about 9 hours later, the moon moves into my 6th house. Which house is the eclipse considered to have occurred in?

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Justin Asks:

In my natal chart, all of my houses cusps have critical degrees (27,28,29). What does that mean?

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Espavo Asks:

Given the notion that we aren't truly ready to use a planet's energies and forces until it is discovered, has anyone attempted a study of the evolution of man's consciousness in relation to the time of each planet's discovery?


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Trish Asks:

Kevin, With all the great software available to help calculate charts and planetary positions, why does certification testing require an aspiring astrologer to be proficient at erecting a chart by hand?

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Dr. Meninges Asks:

“Manly P. Hall, in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages makes the following statement: ‘The other system of astrological philosophy is called the heliocentric. This posits the sun in the center of the solar system…Geocentric astrology, as its name implies, is confined to the earthy side of nature, while heliocentric astrology may be used to analyze the higher intellectual and spiritual faculties of man. The important point to remember is that when the sun was said to be in a certain sign of the zodiac, the ancients really meant that the sun occupied the opposite sign and cast its long ray into the house in which they enthroned it. Therefore, when it is said that the Sun is in Taurus, it means (astronomically) that the Sun is in the opposite sign to Taurus, which is Scorpio.’ Can you please explain why from the heliocentric view the Sun is actually in the opposite sign from the one it is placed in under the geocentric hypothesis?”

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Juan Asks:

“What is the best placement in the chart for Saturn in Cancer? I will have a son at the end of this year and I have the chance of choosing the time of birth.”

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Scott Asks:

“What do you believe is the premise for including past life and karma in the interpretation of a chart? How do astrologers know that this symbolism is correct without having a human subject test it’s [sic] validity? We can test the validity of a Saturn in Gemini person or other personality type interpretations, but how can we assert karmic and past life interpretations to be true without having a method of validation or experiential data to back it up?

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Betsy Asks:

“What is the significance of the degree of the zodiac and the Sabian Symbol that represents the degree of your ascendant? Is it basically symbolic? How is it useful in the chart?”

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