Patsy Asks:

“I was just checking your site, and you say that each chart is unique. I have twin girls born 8 minutes apart, and I can find no differences in their charts, although both have had difficulties in their lives. The younger twin has a mild learning disability, and the elder twin has had to deal with major life crisis events although she hasn’t got a learning disability.”

Kevin Answers


Although there are no significant differences in the charts with respect to the planets, and possibly the houses, the degree of the house cusps and of the Ascendant is different, which does make each chart unique. When viewed together, however, this does seem rather like splitting hairs, though!

As you’ve already realized, even though your daughters share very similar charts, and an undeniable bond being twins, they are very different individuals, and already lead different lives. Remember: we have absolute free will and it’s not so much what’s in our chart that matters as it is how we’ve experienced it, and how we’re choosing to express the energies.

With twins, what seems to happen while they are sharing the same living space, is that they divide up the chart; one twin expresses certain planets and the other twin expresses the remaining planets. When the twins are separated, or live apart as adults, they each begin to express the complete chart.

As far as the subtle difference in the timing of the charts goes, this would, in fact, come into play if you were doing very precise predictive work. A 2 degree difference may not seem like much when you’re comparing the two charts, but 2 degrees can be 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, and even 2 (or more) years when it comes to transits and progressions in the chart. The older the girls get, the more significant this difference will become (particularly when looking at progressed aspects and progressed house cusps transiting the natal houses).

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