Kimberly Asks:

Just wanted to know if your horoscope differs if you were born a month early (due during Pisces, born during Aquarius) and whether being a multiple birth baby might influence anything, or is it strictly about birth time and date?

Kevin Answers:


The short answer is that the only thing that matters is the actual date and time (and location) of birth. The not-so-short answer explains why.

I believe that we choose our own charts—we choose our parents, our families, and ultimately (unless “modern medicine” intervenes) we choose the exact time that we are born. In a natural childbirth, the fetus excretes a hormone that tells the mother when it’s ready to be born. If you wanted to come in with your Sun in Aquarius, you were going to come in with your Sun in Aquarius, despite the fact that “modern medicine” has determined that all pregnancies should last exactly nine months. There is a significant difference in charts that are hours apart, let alone months apart. You weren’t born a month early—you were born exactly when you wanted to be born, and that’s that.

Now the question of multiple birth babies (I’m assuming you’re asking about twins, triplets, etc.) is a little more involved and precise. Since twins are born very close to each other time-wise, for all practical purposes, they will have the same chart, at least as far as the planets go. Even the Moon, which travels up to 14 degrees of arc a day doesn’t usually move fast enough to make a significant difference in the charts of twins. What does change, however, and what will differ between the charts of multiple-birth children is the degree of the Ascendant or Rising sign.

The degree of the Ascendant changes every four minutes, and it is quite rare that even twins are born less then four minutes apart. Twins may have exceptionally similar charts, but their charts are not entirely identical.

What often happens with twins, however, is that as they are growing up, as they are living together, they tend to divide up their birth charts. One twin may get to express their Mars, while the other expresses their Saturn. One may get the Moon trine Neptune, and the other the Sun square Uranus. It’s not that they don’t each have everything in their fundamental makeup, but they will tend to only live out and express a portion of their chart while they are living together. Once they grow up and move apart, they will each begin to access their entire natal chart, although they will work with it in their own individual ways.

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