Jane Asks:

“I have studied my natal chart for years, and it is extremely accurate in all areas of my life, character, etc. A few years ago, I discovered that I was not born at the time or date listed on my birth certificate, but rather 5 days earlier. My moon sign (for one thing) would be different, and that was one of the most accurate things about my original chart! What does this mean? By the way, the discrepancy was because of adoption.”

Kevin Answers:


Many years ago, a psychological study attempted to refute the validity of astrology. A group of subjects were each given what was purported to be a description of their personality traits based on their birth charts, and they were asked to rate the accuracy of those descriptions. Everyone rated the descriptions as being extremely accurate, and every single person in the study was given exactly the same description, regardless of their actual birth information. This study is most frequently cited by critics of astrology as proof that astrology has no validity. The methodology of the study was so flawed and biased that it actually has no value whatsoever in terms of proving or disproving the accuracy of astrological interpretations. What the study does show, however, is that we have a marked tendency to believe what we read or are told about ourselves.

I have to presume that the interpretations of your chart have come from astrological cookbooks and not from live consultations with a professional astrologer, or from your own formal training in astrology. If you met with a professional astrologer and indicated that you had been adopted, that would automatically raise a red flag as to the accuracy of your birth information. In closed adoptions, the original birth certificate is sealed, and a new birth certificate is issued with the time and date of the adoption listed as the birth time.

I can offer two explanations then for your concerns. The first is that the interpretations of your Moon that you read were general and covered aspects that are present elsewhere in your personality. Other planets in the same sign as your Moon could easily account for this. Combine this with the fact that we tend to believe things told to us by authorities—and astrologers most definitely fall into this category because we presumably know things about you that you don’t know about yourself—and you end up buying into an interpretation of your Moon that ultimately doesn’t apply to you.

The second explanation is that while the chart of your adoption (the time on your revised birth certificate) is not your birth chart, it is without a doubt, a very important chart for you. It represents one of the most significant events in your life—arguably second only in significance to your birth. The chart of your adoption can be viewed as the chart of your life as a member of your adopted family. This chart may yet provide interesting insights into your personality.

Where your adopted chart will fall flat, however, is with timing and prediction, and this is the other reason that I’m presuming that your studies have been largely on your own. When you start looking at events and the timing of transits and they just don’t seem to make sense in the context of your (adopted) chart, that’s when you start to wonder about the accuracy of the chart—and that’s when it may be time to have your chart rectified.

Rectification is a process of finding the time (and sometimes date) of a chart by working backwards from a series of key events over an individual’s lifetime. With rectification, it is possible to identify the precise time of birth—and to create a chart that responds predictably to transits and progressions.

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