Maia Asks:

“I read that there must be an aspect between the ruling planet of the querent and the ruler of the quested. What does it mean if there isn’t one? Is the question not answerable, or is the answer no, or is there another way to find the answer?”

Kevin Answers:


The most important lesson when it comes to horary is that the answer is “no” more often than not. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but that’s just how it works out.

When asking a horary question, the person asking the question (the querent) is represented by the ruler of the 1st house. The questid is the planet that rules the house that governs the affairs of the question. If you’re selling a used car, for example, and want to know if you will find a buyer, you would be represented by the ruler of the 1st house, and any potential buyer would be represented by the ruler of the 7th house. In the simplest terms, if there is a harmonious aspect between the ruler of the 1st and the ruler of the 7th, it means that you will sell the car. If there is no aspect between these two planets, or if the planets are square each other, you won’t sell the car.

It’s far more complicated than that, mind you, but that example should address your question.

Not all horary questions require this kind of connection for a positive outcome, however. Lost object questions in particular don’t rely on the relationship between two people. With lost object questions, you’re looking for the location of the object (and objects are always represented by the ruler of the 2nd house).

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