Mike Asks:

Lately I’ve been examining harmonic charts, but confused with their purpose. Is a harmonic chart a closer examination of particular aspects in a natal chart (for example 2nd harmonic chart—oppositions) or is each harmonic chart representative of each house system?

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Emi Asks:

You mention precession corrected solar returns in one of your answers. I’d be grateful if you could tell me which of the following you mean by the term:

1) the precessed Sun’s return on the precessed natal position;

2) the tropical Sun’s return on the precessed natal Sun; or

3) the precessed Sun’s return on the tropical natal sun?

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Trish Asks:

I would love to hear your take on horary astrology and its usefulness in predictive astrology. Also, I'd appreciate any book/author recommendations you may feel good about.

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Gary Asks:

In electional astrology how can the antiscions be used to time life events? For example, timing the tenth house cusp to when it is equidistant between two points such as the sun and mercury to apply for an academic position.

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Kelly Asks:

I mailed my tax returns during the Void of Course Moon. However, they weren't picked up from the post office mailbox until the Moon had moved on to the next sign. On the plus side, the returns will arrive at the IRS & Tax Franchise Board during a Void Moon. Is the arrival time significant?

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Leah Asks:

I am working on a marriage electional chart and am concerned about the effects of eclipses or even planets transiting the eclipse points in the future.

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Lynne Asks:

“I began studying astrology when I was 14, about one year before I had my first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. While my seizures are generally under control medically, perhaps once every year I may have one (luckily at home). I was looking at my chart to see what causative agent could predict a seizure in someone already diagnosed. Do you have any helpful suggestions, and particularly, how to cope with any transit that may trigger a seizure? (If that is what is happening.) I believe that it is very Uranian and Lunar in nature: in my case, a sudden, unexpected nervous condition due to being very emotionally upset, excited or anxious. Am I missing any pieces of the puzzle here? While I understand that I have free will (and am very glad about that!) to ameliorate this condition, nothing makes it completely go away. I have been very good about medication, exercise, eating right, and trying to keep a balanced perspective on life. I have been repeatedly by doctors that I am very lucky compared to most diagnosed with epilepsy, because I can lead a full life. However, whenever I get really excited, I can expect a seizure at an unknown time and place. I don’t want to happen when I’m scuba diving or driving on LA freeways.”

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Anne Asks:

“Could you talk a little about the U.S.A. chart. I’ve noticed that astrologers love to debate whether America is Scorpio or Gemini rising. Would this debate be indicated by Pluto opposite Mercury on 7/4/1776? Also, since America is so wide (3000 miles), shouldn’t it have a relocated chart for different states?”

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Maia Asks:

“The advice is to look in the 2nd house for the ‘querent’s’ movable possessions. However, I am doing the chart because I lost an item that belongs to a coworker. So do I look at the second house from the sixth? Also, I have Saturn in the 7th. Does that mean I should refrain from judgment, that it would do me harm?”

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