Line Caya Writes:

I look at natal charts with the tropical and sidereal system and try to make up my mind on what system I should use. I read your article concerning the subject but it's still not clear to me. 

Is it possible to use the sidereal system for some items (like the Nodes) and the tropical one for others?

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Christa Asks:

“How would I go about looking up an astrologer or a psychic for a reading? How do I know if they are ‘for real’ or not? Can you give me some suggestions as to what to look for?”


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Debbie Asks:

“I found on-line a scientist that stated the charts that were devised in ancient times are invalid today, but they are still used. He says that the Earth shifts on its axis, and that makes the constellations go into the Zodiac at the wrong dates. Like March 23 should be Aries, but in his mind the Sun is in Pisces. Can you explain what, if any adjustments for all of this have been made over time? This is the only thing negative that I ever hear concerning the accuracy of astrology, and I would like to understand what’s going on.”

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  • Regarding the tropical zodiac being based on seasonal variations, what about the Southern Hemisphere? Logically speaking, if the stars are irrelevant and the seasons/equinoxes are what matter in defining divisions of the epileptic, doesn't that mean that Aries should start on September 22, since tha...
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  • Once again, although the Tropical and the Sidereal Zodiacs are very different, they each represent an entirely valid system of astrology wrong, both systems can not be correct at the same time.
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  • Kevin, this was a great answer. I was looking for a post that explains sidereal calendar for my blogpost on classifying Indian calendars . I found the wikipedia article not very illuminating. Your article was fifth on the google search on this topic, but I ended up linking yours....
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Elaine Asks:

“I have begun to study astrology, and find it very interesting. The problem is that I choose to believe in God, and only God. Will this interfere with what I’m learning in Astrology?”

Danielle Asks:

“The elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water are a part of witchcraft. Is Astrology a part of witchcraft?”

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  • I almost did not click this subject title because I am not interested in having a "fortune telling", for lack of a better description. I clicked on the title to get a better sense of the view points generally held by this website, as I am new to it. Wow! What an unexpected surprise I found by readi...
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Feete Asks:


“I was doing a project on astrology and I think that your site is okay if you want to play, but not if you actually want to learn something. It bugs me that you give no information whatsoever on the history of astrology. How did it get started? Who started it? Why? None of these questions were answered in your website.”

Natalie Asks:

“I’m doing a report on horoscopes. When did they originate, from who [sic], the year, etc?”

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